With the upcoming exams and deadlines, I think that all of us could use some fun outdoorsy activities. I spent the past week doing my remote studies in Lapland and as the week was filled with so many wonderful winter activities, I was inspired to share some ideas with you. 

My absolute favorite of these activities is ice skating. In Turku, there are many different locations for ice skating and even if you don’t own skates, it is not a problem. You can either check Facebook flea markets to purchase a pair or rent some. You will be able to rent skates in Parkki field and Kupittaa skating rink

Unfortunately, we were not able to celebrate Pikkulaskiainen this year, but luckily you can compensate the loss and go sledding! You can go down the hill with a sled or even a plastic bag, so grab your friend, some hot chocolate and something to go down the hill with and go have your own Pikkulaskiainen.

It feels like half of the people from my Instagram feed are suddenly into cross-country skiing. Maybe it’s this winter’s trend or maybe it’s just the fact that we actually have enough snow in Turku. Anyhow, cross-country skiing is both fun and great exercise. Same as for the ice skating places, Turku has many opportunities to go cross-country skiing. Also, if you don’t have your own equipment, you can rent some in Impivaara. 

My final tip for the winter activities is going for a hike. Is there anything more relaxing than packing some snacks and coffee with you and heading out to the nature with a friend? Turku and its nearby areas has many beautiful nature-trails to choose from. These are also great later in the spring or summer. 

I hope this will help you get through the upcoming weeks filled with exams and deadlines. Enjoy the (hopefully long-lasting) winter weather and stay safe! 

Venla Monto