The Student Union Council elections start next week. In case at this point you have ZERO idea on what I’m talking about, please scroll to the very bottom of this article where you can find a italicized explanation. Then come back up here and read the actual article. 

Now that the election time is approaching (1.-8.11.)TSE-list has gathered four different election points that it considers generally important for the future of our student union. Let me open these themes and ideas behind them a bit:

1.Wise and sustainable financial decision making

Our list consists of economic students so financial decisions in TYY can be seen as our key interest area. We have the best knowledge on engaging long-term strategy into short-term budgets. Having the best knowhow on economic issues can also lead to situation where our work is seen as intention to constantly cut off costs. On the upcoming council period we emphasize especially the need for new ventures, after they have carefully been considered. In general we would like to see more cash flow incoming to the Student Union via increasing corporate relations.


2. Entrepreneurship to become even bigger part of TYY

University of Turku tries to brand itself as a “entrepreneurship university”. How much can this be seen in every day life (especially if leaving TSE premises)? TSE-list believes that it can be seen too little even though we have all the possible resources to build a great entrepreneurship community here in Turku. TYY should take a bigger role in this project by enabling students from different faculties and student associations to engage with each other. We have the business knowhow but the ideas are still out there. By collaborating over faculty borders great results and ideas can be achieved! Instead of everyone doing some startup courses here and there, things should be combined to one big entity. Of course school has a lot of say here, but we believe that TYY’s positive approach on entrepreneurship would be warmly welcomed by the university

Companies should also be more included into TYY’s daily work. Fundraising and corporate relations are still in child’s shoes. Personally I see that many opportunities are missed without proper sales approach in work. Sales and marketing are not monsters, they are part of modern society and organisations. Suffice to say, the more money would be received via partnership, the latter is the need to discuss about increasing the membership fees.



3.Burn out is not the new black – let’s talk about health issues!

Among TSE students stress, fatigue or some other school-related issues are sometimes seen as “part of the game”. Too many students see no problem in sleeping only 5 hours per night and constantly crying their stress off. In case you don’t work hard, you don’t achieve anything? Passing courses is not enough, you need to retake them in order to get satisfying grades. Social life and especially physical health suffer, which can be seen as a diminishing amount of sports carried out after school. Drinking 15 cups of coffee per day just to stay awake for all school work is completely acceptable. Why are we ok with this?

By having this theme in our campaign we want to address the issue and bring it to common discussion. We also want to see an improvement in YTHS services, especially when it comes to mental health services. Today, getting professional help requires usually a severe need. The resources are not big enough to provide precautionary work and guidance, which in this case is vital.

Besides these main themes we want to focus on internationality and the role of other campuses’ of our university (Pori and Rauma). At TSE we have many international students, both degree and exchange ones. We feel that our school’s course offering should be even more in English. This theme goes widely to other faculties as well – too much is still done in Finnish even though the skills needed are mostly in English. Courses taught in English would thus bring variety for exchange students course offerings (like you come here for the school right? :D). We are also worried about the weak efforts made in order to make foreign students’ recruitment easier in Finland. Here TYY as a large student organisation has a major role and should step up even stronger. We need a matchmaker between foreign educated workforce and local companies. In Turku we have things looking up since the industry sector is growing and for example the harbour needs skilled employees with abilities to speak foreign languages. Let’s make this happen!

The voting period is 1.-8.11. so it starts already upcoming Wednesday! All students having paid the TYY membership fee are eligible to vote. The voting happens online with your UTU-log in information (seriously, could ALL voting happen simply as this?). If you liked the themes above, you might want to consider voting TSE-list candidates, numbers between 184-244. The candidates will also start hosting coffee breaks in the TSE main lobby from tomorrow (Mon 30.) onwards, so go and get a free coffee and chat with our candidates! You might also receive a brand new TSE-list overall badge.

Go and follow TSE-list on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! A lot of stuff coming up during the next few weeks

Last but not least, I can’t express enough how important it is that you vote. Even though Student Union Council might seem like a “random thing” that you know nothing about, it is actually pretty major. TSE-list currently has 8 spots out of 41 seats, and by increasing that amount it becomes easier and easier to get our ideas through. Small differences matter, so spend those two minutes voting when the link is opened. Might be small step for you, but huge step for us.

Thank you for reading this far – enjoy the week and let the elections begin!

Iina Lappalainen, TSE-list 


TSE-list is the group for economics students in the Student Union Council. The Student Union Council is the highest decision-making authority in the Student Union. The Council considers 41 members of which TSE-list currently has 8 places being the largest group in the Council. One Council term lasts for two years and the new members are elected every second autumn. Student Union Council has a lot to say on how Student Union works during the two year period. It has a key role in deciding the annual budget and thus the allocation of money for different purposes. The financial decisions are directly linked to the plan of action, which is also discussed by the Council. Student Union selects the Executive Board in the end of every year. Board is then responsible for implementing the plan of action confirmed by Student Union Council. Besides these major operations, the Council has the power to decide many other things. It is basically regulated only by the law and TYY’s own regulations.