Open trainee positions at EY – our employees share their experiences

Yet again the autumn has brought new career opportunities, as EY has multiple trainee positions open at the moment! We are looking for new talents to join our teams for spring 2021 or autumn 2021, depending on the team. Currently we are looking for Audit Trainees to join our Assurance services in regional offices and Analyst Trainees to the Strategy & Transactions unit in Helsinki. In this blog you will get a peek into our previous trainees and current specialists experiences at EY’s teams – maybe you’ll find a team and position you would like to join?

Henrietta Anttonen, Analyst, Transaction Diligence, Strategy and Transactions

“In the Transaction Diligence team, we work with buy-side and sell-side financial due diligence projects. Usually my day comprises of various data crunching tasks where I look at earnings quality or the financial position of a target firm. During the projects I am also actively in contact with the seller’s side as we ask for materials and explanations for accounting practices and numbers. My days also include drafting these reports after receiving enough insights to the questions derived from the data crunching phase. I find it very interesting to learn about various businesses, products and strategies that most often explain the development in the financials.”

“After working 6 months in this team I have found it useful to have basic skills in handling larger data sets in excel. Basic knowledge of functions and commands in excel come in very handy when doing analysis and saves time in case you are on a busy schedule. Furthermore, an understanding of financial statements is good in order to be able to orientate between balance sheets, profit and loss statements as well as recognizing the impact of one-line items on one another. Finally, I think that curiosity will carry far in this team as all of the transactions have different purchase price mechanism and you will learn more by daring to ask questions and wanting to understand why we are focusing on certain items more than others.”

Henrietta started her career at EY in Finland as Analyst at Transaction Diligence team but currently she is located in Zürich, where she works as Consultant in Financial Services Organisation. If Transaction Diligence team appeals to you, apply by 11th October 2020 here!

Antti Sinkkonen, Senior Consultant, EY-Parthenon, Strategy & Transactions

“I have worked in EY-Parthenon strategy consultancy team since September 2018 and ever since my first week at EY I have had a chance to participate in numerous interesting projects and proposal processes. During my internship I was treated as a full team member and given considerable responsibility over client deliverables and other project work which has resulted in steep learning curve as you might assume. Typically, my work week consists of material preparations, analyzing client material and data and attending client meetings – however every week and workday is different, which is something I personally prefer. In addition, we collaborate a lot with other EY teams both domestically and internationally to find the best people and solutions for our clients.”

“To succeed one should have excellent interpersonal skills, master or at least have previous experience in using Excel and PowerPoint as well as be able to independently analyze data and draw conclusions from it. Understanding causal connections and being able to think strategically while paying attention to details is something that will take you far in this business!”

After Antti’s trainee period in 2018, his career has progressed on wheels from Analyst to Senior analyst promotion this year. Would you like to try out strategy consulting? Apply here the 4th October the latest!

Sina Andersson, Analyst Trainee, Corporate Finance, Strategy and Transactions

“As an intern in the corporate finance team I’ve participated in several on-going projects for clients who are for example selling a part of their company, buying another company or looking to do an Initial Public Offering (IPO). I’ve had the possibility to both work on pitches for possible future clients, as well as work on projects for clients who are already in the process of buying or selling. Some highlights of my internship thus far have been when I had the chance to participate in a client meeting, as well as the fact that the internship has truly been international, as I’ve collaborated with EY M&A teams from other countries during some of the projects I’ve worked on.”

“To get the most out of the internship in the corporate finance team, I would say that great skills in English is a prerequisite and a basic understanding of mergers and acquisitions as well as finance will make the internship more rewarding for you.”

Sina worked as Corporate Finance trainee in summer 2019. This time the team is looking for trainees for spring, summer and autumn periods – being very flexible with the timing of the period. Apply by 29th September here!

Viivi Takovaara, Associate, Assurance

“Every day within audit-services is different and you always learn something new. The size of the client’s organization dictates vastly what you get to do. When you work with smaller organizations you get to do the whole audit process, while as in larger organizations you get to go in depth in individual reviews. The very first days of your traineeship you’ll already be meeting and working with our clients and although it might feel like being thrown in the deep-end of the pool, you’ll continuously have the support of your colleagues – you won’t be left alone. You’re treated as a member of the team, given responsibilities from the get-go and thus, the learning curve is steep. Due to this, you’ll have a good understanding of organizational processes as well as the Finnish business world as a whole.”

“Although the stereotype of using a lot of Excel is true, auditing is first and foremost a customer service business, where you work a lot both in teams and independently. Hence, having good interpersonal skills and an attention to detail are both characteristics which will make your job easier. This will help you a great deal, considering how much of your time is spent with your colleagues.”

Viivi joined EY as Audit trainee for spring 2019, and after the trainee period Viivi got permanent contract as Audit Associate. Would you like to join the audit team? We still have open positions in our regional offices in Lappeenranta, Lahti, Seinäjoki, Pietarsaari, Kokkola and Vaasa – apply here, the application deadlines vary from 30.9. until 31.10.2020!

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