KPMG Digital Academy – a new possibility for master students!

A rare opportunity!

Combine the latest working life trends and digital aspects into your studies in KPMG Digital Academy.

Are you in the beginning of your master studies? Do you want to combine the latest working life trends and digital aspects into your studies? Now you can add extra value into your studies by attending the KPMG Digital Academy!

KPMG Digital Academy is our new two year graduate program for master students starting in November 2018. The program consists of different modules combining mentoring, trainee periods and training at KPMG, and of course studying in one’s own university throughout the master studies until the graduation. The program takes only a few days every now and then during two years plus a trainee-period scheduled personally.

We are searching for 10 digitally oriented students from different study areas related to all our service areas. The goal is to develop future digital professionals who can learn from our professionals and have a deep cross section of our service areas and branches.

During the approximately two year-master studies you’ll receive mentoring, trainee-position(s) and training, so you’ll have a digi-oriented package planned according to your wishes and schedules.
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