Students – your help is needed in engaging something new

Have you noticed that some old established companies have changed their strategy to explore new business fields beyond their core business?

For example, think OP group from banking and finance which is now going for hospital and car leasing markets. Helen (former Helsinki Energia) is interested to work with you if they could find new opportunities fitting their capabilities.

However, this Business Innovation Camp is not about power plants or megawats; you don’t have to have previous knowledge about energy industry or its business. Rather a willingness to explore the needs and behaviour of consumers is the most relevant asset you need.

Different disciplines wanted!


  • Get to learn a case company and its real market environment.
  • Service design in focus
  • Meet both company representatives and other students with interesting backgrounds
  • Challenge yourself! What can you accomplish with what you have learned so far?
  • Earn 2 ECTS and a diploma, meals & fun included!
  • Opportunities for theses assignments or other activities very possible. Come along and you might get surprised!


  • Deadline for applications:
    22th Jan
  • Briefing session for the students (at TSE)
    24th Jan 15.00-17.00
  • Innovation Camp (off-campus Turku area)
     1st Feb (8.30-22.00) & 2nd Feb (8.30-16.00)
  • Pitching session (at TSE)
    15th Feb (14.00-16.00) *to be confirmed!*


  • Who can apply? Those who have completed at least Bachelor’s thesis and are at the later stage of studies.
  • Requrements: Attendance, brief pre-assignment and presentation included.
  • We select about dozen students from different subjects in TSE. Also students from other faculties may apply. We aim to gather a versatile mix of backgrounds
  •  Apply by sending a very brief application to
    • Why are you interested in the camp and why should we be interested in you?
    • What can you bring to the camp?
    • No CVs or such needed, just describe in your own way how you would complement the team. Fresh thinking appreciated!